Bird Control: How to Prevent Birds from Eating Fruit Trees Bird Control: How to Prevent Birds from Eating Fruit Trees

What You'll Need
Two poles
Set of old clothes
Hand windmill
Bale of straw
Old hat
Some stout twine

Bird control can be a very thorny problem. There are several methods you can use to prevent birds from eating your fruit trees, but above all, scarecrows have long been a favorite method among farmers.

Step 1:  Create a Scarecrow

Tie the two poles at cross points. This connection creates two arms, as well as a point to fix the scarecrow into the ground and a stick pointing upward to disguise as a head. The twine must be tied very tight to hold the cross pole firmly in place. The “arms” of the scarecrow need to withstand hard buffeting from the wind and other various weather conditions. Once the poles are tightly tied together, you need to firmly plant the bottom point into the ground at your desired location among the fruit trees.

Step 2: Dress the Poles

Draw the trousers up tightly around the middle section of the poles. Then stuff each pant leg with straw until the legs are full. Once each leg is stuffed tie string around the base of the leg to prevent the straw from leaking out. Dress the cross member with the top section of the outfit. First stuff the torso section. Tie the midriff and the arm ends before you begin inserting the straw. Then create a head with straw wound with twine.

Place the hat on the scarecrow’s head and tie the windmill to one of the outstretched arms.

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