Bird Control Methods: Keeping Birds Away from the Doorstep

What You'll Need
Piano wire
Sticky Bird Repellent
Old CD discs
Clear Fishing Line
CD Pens

It can be difficult to maintain bird control around your doorstep. Birds like to roost in the nice cozy overhang away from the wind and the rain. However, you don’t want to keep cleaning bird droppings off of your porch or have animals scavenging for food around your home. To keep birds at bay, follow the tips below.

Make a Decorative Statement with CDs

Create some art on a few old CDs with some bright colored pens (suitable to writing on CDs). After you are done decorating your CDs, string them from your porch ceiling with clear fishing line at various lengths. These will twist and twirl glittering in the sun and will act as a bird repellent, effectively keeping them from roosting on your porch.

Piano Wire

Piano wire strung above any roosting area is another effective method of bird control. First, the wire blocks the area most desirable for roosting, and secondly, it tends to make a high pitched noise in wind that affects birds' ears, but not humans. This method has been known to work on the tops of buildings plagued with seagulls.

Sticky Feet

There is a product on the market called Bird Repellent that makes the painted surfaces sticky. Birds dislike having sticky feet, so they tend to stay clear after the first few times they step in it. The drawback of this product is you have to repaint with it at least once a year in the spring for it to continue providing effective bird control.