Bird Of Paradise: 5 Essential Facts

One of the most popular plants for commercial, as well as residential landscapes is the bird of paradise. This exotic plant is from South Africa originally and are called the bird of paradise because it is said to resemble a bird taking flight once it blooms. It only blooms when it is mature, which could take up to 2 years. Its rich colors are striking in comparison to its hearty evergreen colored stalks/leaves since the the bloom sits in between.

While the bird of paradise is a popular choice, there are a few essential facts you might want to familiarize yourself with before committing to grow them.

Fact #1

Bird of Paradise plants usually bloom between September and May. During spring and summer months, the soil of the Bird of Paradise plant needs to be kept moist, while in the winter and fall, the soil should be kept dry. Fertilize Bird of Paradise plants before new growth which occurs in the spring. Use a peat-based potting soil when planting Bird of Paradise plants.

Fact #2

Bird of Paradise plants can grow as tall as 5 feet or taller and their leaf blades measure 6  by 18 inches. Bird of Paradise plants can be found in white, orange, red pink and yellow. Be sure to allow sufficient space for them to grow. 

Fact #3

The Bird of Paradise plant needs full sunlight and should not be planted in a climates that falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. During the cooler months, the plants should be cut back. Bird of Paradise plants can be grown indoors, but do better outdoors.

Fact #4

Once the blooms on the plant have faded, cut the stems as far back as possible. If taken care of correctly, the Bird of Paradise plant should bloom on a yearly basis. All old, dead laves should be removed to make way for newer leaves.

Fact #5

Bird of Paradise plants are often used as the anchor in tropical floral settings. When cut and put into a vase, the stems need to be bound together so they do not fall over. The plant tends to be heavy and over sized so it is typically placed in the center of any arrangement.