Bird Pest Control

bluebird on a branch

Bird pest control is a blanket term used to describe controlling or ridding an area of different kinds of birds. If you are going to do your own bird pest control, you should educate yourself on each particular bird that you will be combating.

Types of Bird Pest Control

There are many ways to approach bird pest control. The following are some ideas to consider.

  1. Ultrasonic - This type of bird pest control emits waves that are designed to ward off birds and other pests. These emit pitched sounds, like distress signals or other irritating sounds that will repel the birds, but are inaudible to human ears.
  2. Visual - Scarecrows, plastic snakes, and shiny objects like used aluminum foil are natural forms of bird pest control.
  3. Physical - Dogs and cats are excellent physical forms of bird pest control. Homemade bird spikes made from tin or plastic can also aid in warding off birds. Wire or cloth netting and timed sprinklers are also used for bird pest control.

Tips on bird pest control

Birds are not the same as rodents, roaches, or fleas. We need birds, and they need us. While birds have been known to destroy plants and make a mess on porches and roofs, they are generally concerned with ingesting protein, which they get from eating insects.

So when approaching bird pest control, remember that you probably don’t want to entirely rid yourself of all types of birds, as some do provide nice sounds and some offer beautiful visual appeal.