Biscuit Joiner Basics

A biscuit joiner is a type of wood-working tool that allows you to make unique joints including edge-to-edge joints, t-joints, miter joints and corner joints in your woodworking projects. The first key to knowing biscuit joiner basics is to know what a biscuit is.

What Is a Biscuit?

A biscuit is a thin, oval-shaped piece of wood that is comprised of compressed wood shavings, and the wood shavings are typically made out of beech wood. Biscuits tend to be glued into slots that are cut precisely using a biscuit cutter. The moisture that comes from the glue will cause the biscuit to become swollen, which will tighten the joint up. Biscuits are used to strengthen a wide variety of different joints, making wood-working projects more study in the process.

Biscuit Joinery

Biscuit joinery is capable of being used for a wide variety of different joint types. Smaller biscuits, for example, tend to work well when you are attempting to strengthen a corner joint or a miter joint. Biscuits are also useful when it comes to strengthening a t joint, which is a joint where the end of one board is connected to the side of another.