Bistro-Style Mosaic Table: Construct a Sturdy Base

A mosaic table.
  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
Exterior grade wood
Cement backer board
Primer paint
Old metal table top
Steel wool
Rustoleum paint

A mosaic table is one of the most functional and creative pieces of furniture that can be found in many places. Mostly used as a café table, a mosaic table can be used indoors and outdoors as well. Making a sturdy base for a mosaic table is not all that difficult if you have the correct materials and information.

Step 1 - Select a Base

The most important thing when constructing a mosaic table is ensuring that it has a sturdy base. The best thing to use as a base for these tables is wood. However, ensure that it is an exterior grade wood, preferably marine plywood and it is 1/3 inch or thicker. This is extremely important as thinner wood may give way under the weight of glass or tile that will be used on the surface.

Step 2 - Cut and Shaping the Base

Once you have the wood that you will use for the base, you will need to cut it into the desired shape. Depending on your preference you will have to cut the base. Ensure the measurements are right or it could affect the base. Cut it into the shape you want and rub the side and edges of the base with sandpaper. This will smoothen out the rough edges and get rid of splinters. Once you have done this, wipe the base with a dust cloth well.

Step 3 - Make it Warp-Proof

You are probably aware that wood warps easily. For this reason, you must make the base warp-proof. This can be done by adding a layer of cement backer board to the base. Measure the cement backer board according to the base, cut it, and screw it into the table base. You can also use primer paint to paint the surface and edges. This will keep the wood from rotting or cracking.

When the base is dry, you will be able to fix the tesserae on it. A properly treated wooden mosaic table base can be used indoors and outdoors. However, you can also use a metal table base for your mosaic table.

Using a Metal Mosaic Table Base

If you have an old metal table that you don’t know how to use, the base is great for creating a mosaic table. This is because this kind of base will be more than capable of withstanding the weight of any tesserae.

Examine the metal tabletop for signs of rust. Sand the table with the steel wool and pay more attention to areas that are rusted. Once you have finished sanding the base, wipe it of loose rust, dirt, or residue. Use a rustoleum type paint and spray paint the base, especially over rust affected areas.

When the metal base is dry, you can start fixing your tesserae on top to create your perfect mosaic table.