Bistro-Style Mosaic Table Part 2: Prepare the Frame Bistro-Style Mosaic Table Part 2: Prepare the Frame

What You'll Need
Steel bar
Rivets and joints
Reciprocating saw
Spray paint

Making a mosaic table can definitely be a time consuming job. Mosaic table tops usually have glass or tile designs on the top. This can make the base of the table quite heavy. For this reason, mosaic table tops require a very strong support frame. Learn how to make a strong frame for your table in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Cutting the steel bars

As mosaic table bases are heavier than other table bases, it is best to have a strong metal frame. Wrought iron is generally the best choice as it is stronger and more hardwearing than other materials. Select a suitable height for the table and accordingly measure the bars. Cut them into proportional sizes using a reciprocating saw. It is best to measure and re-measure to make sure the length of the wrought iron bars are right and then cut them.

Step 2: Making the frame for the base

Depending on the shape of your table base, the frame would also take the same shape. If you have a square or rectangle base, making a frame for it should not be difficult. Measure the sides of the base and cut accordingly. However, before fixing the base to the frame, assemble the frame around the base to check it.

If you have cut out a round base for your mosaic table, you might need to get the frame custom made as making it would require tools and equipment you do not have at home. Once you have the frame for the base ready, make tack welds so that the frame can support the base better.

Step 3: Attaching the legs

Once the frame is ready, you will have to attach the table legs to it. The best way to do this is by turning the frame over. Fit the legs on the frame and with a welder, weld the frame and the legs. If you are not efficient with a welder, you can measure and drill holes into the frame and table and use rivets and joints to fix them. This is not as sturdy as a welder, but will hold the legs in place. Ensure that the rivets are screwed in properly.

Step 4: Paint your table frame

Once this is done, you can turn the table over and check whether or not it stands firmly. You will then have to put a coat of primer on the frame to prevent it from rusting. When this is dry, you can paint the frame a color of your choice. Generally black is the ideal color, but you can use others if you want.

When the paint has finished drying, take your mosaic ready table base or custom made one and fit it into the frame. Use a strong, hardwearing adhesive or screws to attach the mosaic table base to the frame. This will ensure that it is fixed together well.


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