Bistro-Style Mosaic Table Part 3: Tiling and Grouting Bistro-Style Mosaic Table Part 3: Tiling and Grouting

What You'll Need
A regular wooden table
Shards of glass or ceramics
Acrylic additive
Unsanded Grout
Grout float
Spray Paints
Spray can

Have you been toying with the idea of purchasing a Mosaic table? You can now design a mosaic table on your own by following these simple steps.

Step 1 - Select a Table

Decide on the size and pattern of the table well in advance. A rectangular wooden table is appropriate for the process. Use a table available in your home, instead of purchasing a new table.

Step 2 - Decide the Design

Browse through different home-furniture improvement magazines to select a design for your bistro-style table. You can also opt for a floral design for the mosaic table.

Step 3 - Collect the Materials

The materials required for the process like glass shards, adhesive, grout, tiles and
spray-can should be bought prior to the commencement of the procedure. You can also collect pieces of broken glass, dishes and other ceramics. Buy ceramic tiles from a hardware store. The unsanded grout can be bought from a hardware store as well. A grout float is a must for smoothing the surface.

Step 4 - Spray Paint the Table

Add your own inputs while selecting a design for the mosaic table. Spray paint the table based on a design of your choice. Apply the spray paint before applying the ceramics to ensure that it is not affected by the paint.

Step 5 - Get Started with the Process

The table should be cleaned thoroughly with a dry cloth before the preparation of the base. Apply a thin layer of a strong adhesive, preferably mastic, to the surface of the table. Stick the pieces of shards compromising of tiles, glass and ceramics firmly to the surface of the table. Apply a minimal amount of adhesive to the back-side of the pieces of shards. Ensure that the adhesive does not flow out from the surface.

Step 6 - Spread the Grout

Allow the solution to cool off for at least a period of 6 to 7 hours. You can creatively use the grout by colouring it with attractive grout pigments. Grouting is necessary to fill the voids or gaps. Do not remove the gloves while applying the grout. Use the grout float while applying the grout to the gaps between the shards. Ensure all the gaps are filled meticulously. Allow the mixture to dry for one or two hours.

Step 7 - The Finishing Process

Apply an even coat of rustolem to the surface of the table. Let the paint dry off completely. You can also protect your table with a coat of furniture wax. A bistro-style mosaic table purchased from a furniture store can be quite expensive. Follow the above steps and design a customised table, without spending much money.

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