Blind Nailing Blind Nailing

When you are putting in a floor it is necessary to learn how to use blind nailing.  Blind nailing means putting in a nail that cannot be seen or felt. People usually use it while putting in flooring so they do not have to destroy the surface of the wood. Once you learn how to do blind nailing, the rest will come very easily.

  • Begin by placing the first board in the desired position and getting your nail gun ready.
  • On the lip of the board (the part that will be hidden when the next board is put into place), put in a nail at a 40 degree angle into the floor.
  • Put on the next board and nail it into place the same way

Using blind nailing will make your floor look seamless and create fewer splinters. For the best results use long, thin nails and a nail gun.

Using Blind Nailing in Other Projects

The blind nailing process is great for many different projects including wall paneling and re-facing. No matter what project you are doing, make sure that you are using the right sized nails for the job. If you are using the wrong sized nail it can make the wood shatter or your project fall apart.

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