The Sheffield School of Design on Practical Bathroom Decorating The Sheffield School of Design on Practical Bathroom Decorating

The problem with many home decorating magazines is that they display photos of rooms in houses which are much larger and more elegant than anything an average reader will ever decorate. Even for professional decorators, many projects involve improving rooms that are challenging because they are too dark, too small, or too oddly shaped.

The bathroom we've chosen is faced with all 3 challenges, yet the decorator has created a bright, interesting room that really comes together. Let's look at this room with the Sheffield Guidelines to Interior Design: function, mood, and harmony.

Functions of a Bathroom

The principal function of a bathroom is clear to take care of one's basic hygienic needs. In those terms, this bathroom clearly can do its job, with all the necessary facilities.

There is even an extra countertop and cabinet, in the left rear of the room, which is perfect for applying cosmetics, as the natural light from the skylight provides the right illumination. The area is set off from the tub and sink.

The function of relaxation is evidenced quite practically in the tub. Notice the choice to have a full bath instead of a stall shower. A stall shower would have provided more room, but then the luxury of the tub would have been lost. The soft, natural light not only speaks to the function of the room as a place for relaxation, but also speaks to the mood of the room.

Overall, this room is a soothing, cooling retreat from the cares of the world, a bathroom to which anyone would be glad to retreat for a moment's peace.

Reprinted with permission from the Sheffield School of Design

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