Bluetooth Car Accessories: How to Set Up Hands Free Dialing Bluetooth Car Accessories: How to Set Up Hands Free Dialing

What You'll Need
Car GPS with Bluetooth capabilities
Mobile phone with Bluetooth

Bluetooth car accessories give you the capability to make some calls, access GPS navigation or listen to the stereo in your car without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. You do not need an instruction manual to set up hands free dialing. All you need is your Bluetooth car accessories to help you.

Step 1 - Setting Up Your Mobile Phone

Make sure that you have all your Bluetooth car accessories on hand. Turn on your mobile phone and enable the Bluetooth in your phone. Set your phone to visible to all or discoverable. If you are using a Bluetooth GPS with Garmin models you need to search for Bluetooth devices and select nuvi.

Step 2 - Establishing a Connection

You then need to establish a connection between your phone and GPS in your car. Make sure your phone is turned on and the Bluetooth is enabled. Follow the instructions in the GPS main menu. You may need to enter a password to connect to your GPS system. Once you have established connection, you no longer have to do it every time you want to use hands free calling since the GPS will remember your mobile phone.

Step 3 - Copying Your Contact List

You do not have to work hard for it. In Bluetooth car accessories and Garmin models, the contact list in your phone is imported automatically to the system.

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