Bluetooth Car Mirror vs. Standard Car Mirror

The popularity of power mirrors in cars has led to an available Bluetooth car mirror design that allows for wireless operation of these vehicle accessories. Auto manufacturers are adding Bluetooth support to a wider range of vehicle features, allowing for hands-free operation that, in some cases, may help prevent accidents.

Choosing a Bluetooth Car Mirror: Pros

Some of the benefits of a Bluetooth car mirror include offering the driver more versatility in doing all of the necessary tasks that he or she has to think about while on the road. Bluetooth mirrors and other gear automate the driving process for greater empowerment of the driver.

Choosing a Bluetooth Car Mirror: Cons

Some of the disadvantages of Bluetooth car mirror options include cost and the cost of repairs or service. These items can be pricey as a part of a special feature package, and later on, when they age and begin to fail, they will cost more money to fix or replace.

Car owners should carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of a Bluetooth car mirror before purchasing one either as part of a dealer-offered features packages or as an aftermarket  customization. Parts makers can offer more specifics on what’s available for a specific year, make and model.