BMW Repair Manual: Panic Alarm Repair BMW Repair Manual: Panic Alarm Repair

If you find that your BMW panic alarm keeps re-activating, even after you have turned it off, then you may have given up on looking in the BMW repair manual, and be trying to find answers in another way instead. There are a number of reasons why the alarm might keep sounding, and locating and fixing the problems can be a simple matter.

Replace the Battery

Replacing the battery may help you to stop the panic alarm from sounding. When the battery runs down, it may sound the alarm by accident. If you find that the alarm is running down the battery, then replacing the latter is the first step to working out what is wrong with the alarm.

Replace the Fob

The fob is the trigger for the alarm, so if there is faulty wiring there, then it may be the reason why the alarm is going off so often. Replacing the car alarm fob is the best solution to this problem, as they can be bought fairly cheaply, and it is much safer than trying to rewire the fob on your own. 

Problems with the Engine

The other problem may be the wiring in the engine. If you are not sure about your car battery connections, you should leave this in the hands of a professional mechanic.

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