Boat Trailer Kits: How to Check Boat Trailer Brake Lights

Boat owners who find it necessary to make regular checks of their boat trailer brake lights may find it helpful to keep boat trailer kits handy so they can have ready access to the tools they need for these inspections.

Things you'll need in your kit:

  • Steel wool
  • Wire brush
  • Spare light bulbs
  • Circuit tester

Step 1 – Have a Helper Work With You.

If you're ready to test your boat trailer brake lights, you'll find it helpful to have a helper with you, someone who can apply the brake pedal while you're checking the trailer lights.

Step 2 – Test Your Brake Lights

While your helper is in the truck pumping the truck's brake pedal, go to the rear of the trailer where you can easily see the lights that should be flicking on and off. If you find that some of the lights are not working, replace the non-working bulbs.

Step 3 – Check Your Wiring

If none of the trailer's lights illuminate, first check your truck's wiring using your circuit tester. Check connections for corrosion. Clean corroded connections with a wire brush or steel wool. Do the same with your trailer's wiring. Then, test the lights again to be sure they're working properly.