Boiler Efficiency Calculation

When choosing a boiler it's very important to look at and carefully consider the boiler efficiency calculation. It's the efficiency which will affect the cost of heating your home. The more efficient a boiler is the more energy it is able to convert into heat. This will make your yearly heating bills much more affordable because there is no need to worry about as much wasted energy.

We all spend a huge amount of money heating our homes for the winter. A boiler itself isn't really that expensive however the fuel that you put into it will be much more expensive. Buying a cheap boiler might be a mistake in the long run if it needs more fuel to run properly. You will probably pay more than the cost of the boiler in the first year just to service and put fuel through the boiler.

Modern Boilers

Although modern boilers are more efficient than they used to be they still use steam and hot water. A fire tube boiler is the most common type of boiler found in most homes around the country today. This is a very efficient and reliable form of heating.

What is Boiler Efficiency?

Boiler efficiency is simply the difference between the amount of energy you put into the boiler, and the amount of useful energy you get out. The cost of the boiler itself is often insignificant when compared to the cost of the fuel that you need to run it every year. This is why it's essential for you to carefully look and consider the efficiency of boilers before installing them.

Where is Heat Lost?

Heat is lost throughout the process of burning the fuel and converting it into heat. Some of the most common losses of energy include:

  • Loss due to Radiation to surroundings
  • Unburnt fuel
  • Moisture in air
  • Moisture in fuel
  • Moisture during burning
  • Dry gas loss

All of these result in a loss of energy and result in wasting some of your money. That's why it's important to choose the most reliable and highest efficiency boiler possible.

Choosing High Efficiency Boilers

When choosing boilers you will need to consider the type of boiler you are fitting. It will be impossible to find a boiler which is 100% efficient because energy will always be lost. Oil fired boilers normally have an efficiency of around 85%, condensing boilers may have a more powerful boiler. Bagasse boilers are not as efficient because they have high moisture in the combustion process.

Calculating Efficiency

There are two different ways which can be used to calculate the efficiency, the input and output method. For this method to work the boiler needs to be running steadily and you simply look at the amount of energy put into the boiler in the form of fuel and measure the output in forms of steam.

A more popular calculation is to calculate the amount of heat input and then the number of heat losses are worked out, this will give a more accurate efficiency figure.