Boiler Fault Inspection and Diagnosis Boiler Fault Inspection and Diagnosis

One of the singularly most important pieces of equipment in any home or work place is the lowly boiler which is why it is important to address the system for any boiler fault. Often stuck away in a cupboard, tirelessly doing its work every day by keeping us warm through our home heating system and giving us hot water. The sad fact about a boiler is that we never give it a second thought, until it starts to go wrong.

How to Recognize a Fault with Your Boiler

It’s very easy to recognize a boiler fault. Apart from the obvious that there is a red light flashing wildly or something along those lines, a noise may be heard that isn’t normally there. You may have no heat in your radiators and/or no hot water. You might notice that others things aren’t functioning properly that are part of your home heating- fireplace and wood stove for example. The most serious is leakage; if this or any of the other problems occur turn your boiler off immediately. In reality there are only two of these problems that you can fix yourself, and that is if the pressure has dropped or the pilot light has gone out. For both of these there will be instructions somewhere on the boiler to tell you how to fix them, if you do this and the boiler still doesn’t work, then it’s time for the professionals.


As with so many other things, prevention is better than cure, and getting onto your energy suppliers boiler maintenance plan or schedule is well worth it. By getting regular inspections your boiler will run at its optimum efficiency, thus saving you energy as a faulty boiler wastes a lot of energy as it tries to function properly. Plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilating systems should all be inspected regularly.

Peace of Mind

Many major faults start months in advance and build up, so an engineer will spot these early on when very little is need to rectify them. There are a lot of plans available where you pay a set amount per month, this covers your inspections and also the repairs to your boiler should anything go wrong. You may pay it month after month and only ever need the inspections, but look at it as a form of insurance. Thankfully, many of us never make claims on our household insurance, but we have it anyway, as a form of security and piece of mind.

Treat your boiler with respect, get regular inspections and have it looked after by professionals. It isn’t just a metal lump in a cupboard; it’s the kingpin of all your heating needs.

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