Boiler Sequence Control Benefits

A sequence control device for a boiler has a number of benefits over the more traditional style which simply put the boiler through its motions at a regular pace. By controlling when your boiler comes on, and when it moves to the next phase of heating, you can control energy waste. Also, you can prevent hot water from being wasted when it is not required. Controlling a boiler through a sequence system makes it more responsive to your needs.

Benefits of Sequence Control

Using a sequence control on a single residential boiler can be useful, as it allows the user to fire up the boiler at the optimum time, ensuring that the energy use is the most efficient possible. You can control when the firing-up occurs in order to take account of energy rates. A start/stop system also allows you to only heat enough water for your requirements.

Sequence Control for More Than One Boiler

Sequence control is particularly useful where there is more than one boiler working at a time in the building. Sequence control enables the user to select more than one boiler, but also avoid firing up all of the boilers when that is not necessary. Using only one or two of a commercial building's boilers can help to reduce running costs.