Boiler Timer Control

A boiler timer control helps to control the temperature at different times of day for both the hot water and the heating system. These controls, if present in your home heating system, will give you an ability to control each of these systems independent of one another. They allow you to vary the heating of the hot water and the home.

Picking a Digital Control

Digital controls are great for any home owner. Not only should you consider installing a digital control but you should also consider investing in a remote control that is portable throughout the home. Digital boiler timer controls come in a variety of styles and types. Pick something that is intuitive to use. You don't want a model that requires you to dig up the user manual in order to figure out how to change the temperature in your hot water unit or central heating system.

Benefits of Heating Controls Made Simple

If you invest in a simple heating control, there is a good chance that you will use it on a continuous basis. The major benefits to using these types of boiler timer controls are as follows:

  • Reduces the amount of fuel that you use.
  • You can reduce the hot water heating temperature when not in use.
  • Only heat your radiator system when you need to.
  • Reduce the amount of heat you use in your home when you are not present in the home.


The initial costs associated with purchasing a boiler timer control are relatively low. The initial money that you will spend purchasing a boiler timer control will be quickly offset by the amount of energy and money you will save from using this unit.

Easy to Install

A boiler timer control is very easy to install. You definitely do not need to look at hiring a professional for this type of installation. Each boiler control unit will come with a set of manufacturer's instructions that will walk you through how to install the unit properly within your boiler. Before you purchase the boiler timer control, make sure that it will fit with your specific boiler. If you are unsure, ask for help from a professional.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Along with the relative ease of installation, this unit is also easy to maintain and upkeep over time. It lasts a long time and it requires little attention from the average home owner. It is almost a model that can be set and forgotten from a maintenance perspective. Many of these units are powered by batteries or directly through electrical outlets. If they are powered by batteries, you will need to make sure you change the battery system regularly. Add the change of batteries to your regular maintenance schedule so that you do this chore along with some of the other things that need to be updated and kept up within and around your home.