Boiler vs Tankless Water Heater Boiler vs Tankless Water Heater

When planning a hot water system for your home, you may consider installing a traditional boiler, but you may also want to look into using more energy efficient systems such as the tankless water heater. Comparing these two systems can give you a better idea of what is right for you.


The boiler system has been used for many generations with success. A key part of the boiler is the tank, which stores water which has been heated during the day, and maintains that warmth. A boiler might be used to heat water during the morning, when there is some energy saving, and then water is used at night for showers, and washing pots. Boilers are also designed to be used in radiant heating systems, such as pipes and floors.

Tankless Water Heater

The tankless water heater warms water in a similar fashion to the boiler, but it only heats when prompted to by the household. The water in the shower would therefore come directly from the heater, rather than a tank. This means that only the water which is needed is ever heated, and there is no continuous re-heating of the water, making the tankless rather more energy efficient, and reducing electricity bills. However tankless heaters are not designed for use as a radiant heating system, and a boiler would be the better device for this.

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