Bonsai Tree - Care and Trimming Guide Bonsai Tree - Care and Trimming Guide

Caring for and maintaining a bonsai tree is meant to be very relaxing. The word bonsai is actually 2 separate words which mean tray growing. A bonsai tree is not a specific type of tree but instead a plant or tree grown in a tray.

Best Environment for Bonsai Trees

The best environment depends entirely on the type of plant being grown. Select a plant or tree which grows naturally in the environment you live.

Basic Bonsai Tree Tools

You do not need any specific tools for growing a bonsai tree, but there are some tools that help. Bonsai wire cutters are specially designed for cutting the wire used around bonsai trees. Bonsai trimming sheers are small sheers that function well for trimming branches and roots. A concave branch cutter is good for cutting branches till they are completely flush with the primary trunk.

Caring for Bonsai Trees

To properly care for a bonsai tree, you need to provide it with water, soil and a good pot or tray. There is special bonsai soil available which is specifically designed for growing bonsai trees. It is important to water a bonsai tree regularly to ensure the soil and roots remain moist. When picking a tray or pot for your bonsai tree pick one which is porous. This will allow some of the water to seep into the pot which helps to keep the soil and roots damp. Trimming and pruning should be done on a regular basis. Trimming will define the growth pattern you want to see in your bonsai tree. Overtime this will begin to become natural for the tree.

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