Fabric Book Jackets Fabric Book Jackets

What You'll Need
For small books: 14" x 18" piece of fabric
For larger format books: 20" x 28" piece of fabric
Fabric Glue (I recommend Beacon's Liqui Fuse Liquid Fusible Web)
Iron/ironing board

We've all heard of coordinating file folders, file labels, binders, notebook covers and more, so why not books? I have, at any one point in time, at least three books that I pick up and read on different subjects that will suit any mood I'm in. I use coordinated fabric dust jackets to protect my book covers from tatters and spills, and they give me quick color queues as to which ones I have going at the time.

Feeling the surfaces of fabrics while reading is as soothing as touching the smooth pages of the book. Combined with a cozy corner in a favorite chair, this could possibly be one of my favorite life's little pleasures. (Plus, I always leave people guessing as to exactly what I've got hiding underneath my beautiful dust jackets.)

Book covers to match your décor are a perfect way to use scrap material left over from other decorating projects in your room, or, a great way to display vintage or one of a kind fabrics that you may find or already have.

Curling up with a good book is a wonderful way to Discover Life's Little Pleasures. I hope you will protect your books AND beautify your space by using this simple project.


  1. Cut fabric to desired size. Press all edges to wrong side ¼"; turn fabric edge in again 3/8" and press. Spread a thin line of fabric glue between pressed edges. Referring to manufacturers directions for iron settings, press edges together to fuse.
  2. To cover book, fold top and bottom edges of fabric to wrong side to same size as height of book (Fig 1., right)
  3. Fold side edges to wrong side (Fig 2., right) and slide edges of fabric onto book cover.

Designer Tips and Variations:

Try using the following items for completing this project.

  • Napkins
  • Vintage Remnants or Handkerchiefs
  • Cross-stitched pieces that you no longer display
  • Old quilt blocks
  • Cut up T-Shirts from a special occasion
  • ...and more

by Kelley R. Taylor

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