Bookshelf Decorating Ideas Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

Trying to decorate a bookshelf can be difficult. Those still building their library can be annoyed with the empty spots on their bookshelf. These are some simple bookshelf decorating ideas for your home.


Plants, both real and fake, can add an interesting element to a bookshelf. They can be small and take up a minimal amount of space. Some people like to have hanging and crawling plants on their bookshelf; it gives the bookshelf a more earthy feel.


Small figurines are a great way to display two collections at once. You can display your collection of books as well as a collection of figurines and miniature statues.

Faux Books

If you want to make the bookshelf look full, use faux books. These can often be found at hobby and decoration stores. This can give you the look of books without the cost of many of the books you would want to add to your collections.

Faux Fruit

Faux fruit is also a great way to decorate a bookshelf. Adding the fake fruit allows you to add color to the empty spaces of the bookshelf.

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