Borders Can Brighten Any Room in the Home

Wallcovering borders are an easy way to enliven your home while displaying your personality in the process. With the large variety of styles and colors available on the market today, borders have become one of the most fun parts of the wallcovering business.

"Borders are truly the phenomenon of the '90s, so hot that they have become not only the catalyst for sidewall sales but a separate merchandise category," said Duncan Campbell of Sunworthy Wallcoverings.

The design role of borders is expanding, according to Elinor Shebar of Village Wallcoverings, an FSC Wallcoverings Inc. brand. "At one time, the border was there to enhance wallcovering. Now the border frequently serves as the main focus of the room, with the wallcovering used to enhance the border and give it a platform," she stated.

What are some of the design trends in borders? "Some of the most successful borders are scenic, nostalgic and antique-looking," said Jackie Calavitta of Imperial Wallcoverings. "They convey the popularity of Americana themes, the look of yesteryear."

Other wallcovering experts say bright, fun borders with clean, fresh colors are the trend. And licensed properties definitely are successful. Sunworthy has the rights to such hot children's properties as Disney, Barney and Sesame Street. Other companies license sports team logos for the NFL, NBA, National Baseball League and NASCAR.

And borders aren't just for kids or women, nor are they banished to the bedrooms, baths or kitchens (although the kitchen and bath still are the most popular border areas). Men's motifs are well represented in this category with designs ranging from fishing lures to hunting themes to Neopolitan fleur de lis patterns. And many people are experimenting with borders in the living room, dining room, den, laundry room and kids' play areas. With the variety of styles available, there is a border for every room in the home.

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