Bosch Steam Irons

Bosch steam irons are designated TDA models that are priced between roughly $135 and $200. Equipped with numerous features, operation is fast and easy, while safety mechanisms are included for the user's protection. Keeping clothes wrinkle free is an ongoing task. Bosch steam irons take a lot of the work out of the process, though, helping to speed up the daily morning ritual by smoothing creases, collars, seams and edges with the utmost precision. 


Bosch steam irons feature a powerful 1,500-Watt heating element that recovers fast after a day of non-use. Highly versatile, use a Bosch steam iron either for horizontal or vertical steaming applications. This means it is as effective when pressing clothes on an ironing board as it is at steaming hanging drapes or other fabrics. Bosch models use a durable stainless steel soleplate that improves its glide over clothing while retaining heat more effectively. An anti-scale system keeps minerals like calcium from building up and potentially staining and clogging the pores. 

More Features

Other features of a Bosch steam iron including automatic shutoff, a safety heat indicator when both hot and cool and a drip-stop mechanism for mess-free use. A transparent, 10-ounce water tank offers high visibility, while the swiveling, 8-foot cord provides maximum mobility.