Boston Ridge

A Boston ridge is a style of application of shingles on the peak or the ridge of a roof. The way a Boston ridge is created is by applying shingles to the ridge of the house so that shingles overlap one another at the hip. The advantages to the Boston Ridge, named for the style originating in Boston and used widely in the weather-prone Northeast, is in providing a tight, weatherproof joint.

Other Names for the Boston Ridge

The Boston ridge is also called a Boston hip or a shingle ridge finish.

If you decide to create your own Boston ridge, the most commonly recommended method is buying special ridge shingles. The two sides of the ridge need to be beveled against each other very snugly in order for it to provide maximum protection.

Each course of shingles then should be nailed with alternately facing overlaps. The method would be to first overlap the right-hand shingle on the left, and in turn the left overlaps the right, and so on in that continuing manner.