Botched Carpet Installation? Repair Tips Botched Carpet Installation? Repair Tips

Installing new carpet can be an expensive adventure. So what do you do when mistakes were made or you have to fix it? Here are some tips on carpet installation repair.


One of the most common errors when installing carpet is not stretching the carpet correctly. If this has happened you don’t need to go through the expense of replacing all of it. With a few rented tools, some time, and elbow grease, you can re-stretch the carpet yourself. You will need a Power Stretcher (can usually be rented from a local hardware store), a Knee Kicker, and a utility knife. This job can be as simple as pulling the carpet up, re-stretching with the power stretcher, and re-attached to the tack strips.

Frayed Carpet

Another common issue is finding frays in the carpet shortly after installation. While this shouldn’t happen for a long time, if you purchased a lower grade carpet it can be see with in weeks of installation.
Fixing a fray in the carpet is not difficult. A carpet bar will conceal frays around the edges, and using a pair of scissors can easily trim up any unsightly frays in the center.

Carpet Seams

Seams are placed using a special strip that has adhesive attached. If the adhesive is weak or not heated to the correct temperature you will see the seams popping. This can usually be fixed using a simple glue gun to replace the adhesive. Try this before shelling out money to have it professionally repaired.

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