Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator Pros and Cons Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator Pros and Cons

Is a bottom freezer French door refrigerator a practical option or just a fad? When these refrigerators first came out consumers were slow to adopt them, but they have grown in popularity over time and are now considered high-end appliances. As people remodel their kitchens and upgrade their appliances, they are opting for these new refrigerators in greater and greater numbers.

A bottom freezer french door refrigerator is a fridge and freezer combo where the freezer is on the bottom instead of the top of the unit. This is quite a difference from the popular side by side. However, many people see some benefits to owning a French door refrigerator.

Added Space

A major reason for the popularity of the bottom freezer is that it provides more easily accessible storage. Items that might have been forgotten at the bottom of the refrigerator are now visible at a higher level, while frozen foods that don't expire are kept at the bottom. The ice maker is located in the top section so that the freezer has even more room without that unit hanging in the side.


Consumers praise the ease of accessing items from the top refrigerator part. They do not have to stoop down, bend over or move a things around to find the food they're looking for. Everything is at eye level and easily reachable. The door shelf is also at the perfect level for getting to foods like cheese, ketchup, salad dressing, water bottles or anything else that you might be storing there.

The freezer on the bottom has pull-out baskets that add to the overall convenience. You don't have to stick your head or arms in the freezer itself. Many people love the fact that the ice maker is in the fridge portion, allowing them maximum storage in the freezer itself.


Because of the double French doors you don't need to clear as much space to swing the door open. You can either open the top door or the bottom door.

Single Basket Freezer

While the bottom freezer basket will slide out, a detracting element is that it is a single basket. You have to dig through it to find what you want. Some models have multiple baskets, but the same problem applies. You have to stack your items.

Ice Makers and Water Dispenser

Front-of-door ice makers and water dispensers are an unquestionable convenience. They have been known to be easily damaged and spend a lot of time either not working or being repaired.

In then end, the popularity of a bottom freezer french door refrigerator is well founded. The design is better suited for new kitchens and the space for food is much more than in a large side-by-side.

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