Bouldering and Rock Climbing Tips for Safety

Consider these rock climbing tips for a safe climb or bouldering experience.

Do Not Cross Your Arms or Legs

When traversing, or going laterally across the wall, it is a frequent mistake for climbers to begin crossing their arms or legs to advance. This can easily cause a fall by putting the climber off balance. Instead, grab a hold which is close to the existing arm or leg hold and advance in an inchworm fashion. Though you will not move as fast initially, you will not put yourself in danger this way.

Crash Pad

The crash pad is a mat which sits below the climbing wall or structure and is designed to brake the climbers fall. When bouldering, a climber is not roped up and thus has to directly consider the direction of the body when falling. As you are climbing and begin to feel unsure about balance or a specific move, first consider how you will fall upon the crash pad for safety.


Climbing shoes do not contain the same padded soles as sneakers. Do not jump down from the wall or step in areas which could result in stone bruises. Stone bruises do not heal easily and can be quite painful for weeks.