Brazing Bronze

What You'll Need
12-inch brazing wand
High temperature torch
Oxygen fuel torch or a map fuel torch

With the right equipment and a working knowledge of the process, brazing bronze can easily be done at home. You can obtain the necessary equipment from any hardware store.


The parts that you will be brazing together should be fluxed. Use a small tip or a medium tip on your torch to prevent the base metal from being overheated. A smaller tip will allow you to see your work in progress more easily.

Heat the bronze up with the torch. When it reaches the right temperature, the brazing rod will melt into the juncture between the bronze pieces.

If the brazing rod is not flowing smoothly, continue to heat it until it does with a back and forth motion. Keep the torch tip over the juncture between the bronze pieces. Eventually, the brazing rod—which is designed to melt when it comes in contact with heat and flux—will melt, sealing the metals together.