Brazing Cast Iron Brazing Cast Iron

What You'll Need
Brazing rod
Oxyfuel torch
90-degree angle grinder
Carbon steel brush

Brazing cast iron is a process that involves joining 2 pieces of cast iron using a non-ferrous filler metal. The filler metal melts at a much lower temperature than the cast iron, allowing it to form a bond. Brazing resembles a combination between soldering and welding.

Brazing Cast Iron

  1. Clean the cast iron pieces you intend to braze using either a wire brush or grinder.
  2. Preheat the metals with the torch for 5 minutes, reaching approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This will remove any moisture in the metal.
  3. Apply the flux to the joint you are brazing. Add heat until the brazing rod begins to melt. This will create a connection between the two pieces of cast iron. The tighter the created joint is, the stronger the repair.
  4. Allow the brazed metal to cool at a slow pace by applying heat at lower and lower temperatures. The metal needs to cool for about an hour to relieve stress.
  5. Finally, allow the metal to cool at room temperature.

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