Breaking Up a Sectional to Work in a Family Room

Sectional sofas are typically large pieces of furniture that dominate a space.  If the sectional is being placed in a smaller room, it may not fit together as a connected unit.  In that case, it is necessary to separate it so that it fits.  Breaking up a sectional to work in a family room can be difficult to visualize if the sofa has always been together as a unit.  Try the ideas below to gain inspiration for redecorating a family room by breaking up a sectional sofa.

Across the Table

Most sectional sofas come with two pieces - a large piece and a slightly smaller piece, that join together at a corner.  To create a cozy conversation nook, consider placing the pieces across from each other to encourage conversation.  A coffee table placed between the sectional pieces will provide a place for beverages to be set.  Make sure that the table is the appropriate size and leaves room for people to pass on either side.  A throw rug between the two pieces of the sofa and a few coordinating throw pillows will also help tie them together.  

Room for More

Even though sectionals are large pieces of furniture that typically provide a great deal of seating, sometimes they do not provide enough.  By pushing the pieces apart at the juncture and inserting a few coordinating cube hassocks, additional seating is created.  The cube hassocks can also serve as a place to set beverages if the need arises.  Breaking up a sectional like this can work only if the room size can accommodate an even larger piece.  

Separate Areas

In some instances there is simply not enough room to put the pieces of a sectional near each other where they can work together.  For these cases, it is best to create two distinct areas of the room using the sectional pieces.  Use the larger piece in the main section of the room where the need for the most seating will be prevalent.  The smaller part of the sectional can be turned and rearranged to create a quiet corner for reading or listening to music.  Children especially love having a quiet nook to escape to with their books, so creating a unique space is an ideal use for the other piece of the sectional sofa.

Experiment with different areas and configurations of the sectional sofa to create a space that is both comfortable and functional.  If the sectional must be broken up so that part of it needs to be moved into a different room, that is fine.  Small side tables on each end of each piece can hide the fact that the sofa once belonged together while providing additional space to place beverages and lamps.  Drawing a template of the room and moving paper pieces that represent the furniture may work better for those who cannot lift or carry heavy pieces of furniture.  Look on the experience as an opportunity to think outside the box and create an entirely different look and feel to the rooms of the house.

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