Brick Backsplash Ideas: 5 Designs

If you're looking for some inexpensive but still attractive and eye-catching backsplash ideas, the brick look may be perfect for you. Whether you're looking to fit the look of brick in your home or you want to mimic a cafe setting, you can use brick and brick look-alikes to really bring a new feel to your kitchen. There are several designs you can create with brick; the most popular are listed below.

Idea 1 - Use Different Colors of Brick

If you are using actual brick and not a faux option, you can select from an array of colors. Most people opt for the standard deep red brick assortment, but you can find bricks in white, brown, beige, and even obscure colors like green or black. If you can't find the color you want (which would be unlikely), you can always paint the brick as well or get creative with the grout that you use. Feel free to mix and match though to where you have, perhaps, a diagonal strip of black in the middle of the red bricks you've been using. Make a rainbow if you want. It's up to you.

Idea 2 - Use Thin Brick

If you are opting for real brick, be sure to use some that isn't too thick. That will make it harder to adhere to the wall and less likely to stay up. You can always have different thicknesses on there to give the backsplash a 3D effect. The dynamics of that would work great for someone with a dynamic personality to begin with. It would just be a bit harder to clean.

Idea 3 - Try Interesting Patterns of Brick

You can always do the classic horizontal rows of alternating brick, but you also have the option of perhaps weaving the bricks at 45 degree angles or making patterns out of the colors you are given. You can layer them so that they look like stripes, or you could even make diamonds out of them. Take a minute to sketch out what you want your backsplash to look like. Take note of how many rows of bricks you will be able to have and plan accordingly.

Idea 4 - Try Faux Brick Tile

A new concept in brick backsplashes is the use of brick like tile. It has the same general look as brick, but it is lighter and made to adhere better to the wall. You can easily use brick tile with regular tile when you want to have a tile design embedded into your brick. This is because they are roughly the same thickness, so the bricks don't stick out far. The install for this option is just as easy as the install for normal tile, but it has a whole different feel. If you want to stucco over the brick so that it just looks like a bit of it is peeking out of the wall, you can easily do that too.

Idea 5 - Skip the Design and Use Pre-Made Faux Brick Siding

Another faux brick option is to use pre-made brick siding. This comes in sheets similar to wood paneling and can be screwed right into the wall. Simply cut it to the right size, adhere it to the wall, screw it in, and cover the holes with colored caulk to match the fake grout. This might not be quite as realistic as the tile or real brick, but it is quite affordable and easy to put up. You don't have to design a thing.