Brick Backsplash Pros and Cons

Installing a brick backsplash can provide you with a nice surface for your backsplash area. These types of backsplash are becoming very popular in homes today. Here are some pros and cons associated with brick backsplashes.


Looks- Brick backsplashes can accommodate a number of different design themes. You can create an old-world feel in the kitchen or mimic a contemporary loft. Brick backsplashes provide you with a unique look that you can not get from anything else.

Easy to install- Another good thing about brick backsplashes is that they are easy to install. You could do the work yourself and not have to hire a professional installer.


Absorbent- One big downside to brick backsplashes is that they can absorb things. Therefore, this may not be the best surface to have behind your stove. If something splashes up on it, it can soak it up.

Hard to clean- A brick backsplash can be difficult to clean because the surface is not even. The mortar between the bricks can absorb stains and be difficult to clean out. Therefore, it is not the easiest backsplash material to maintain.

Requires special saw- To install brick, you have to have the appropriate saw that can cut it. While the actual installation is simple, you still have to have the appropriate tools to do it.