Brick Construction Cost Estimation Brick Construction Cost Estimation

According to available statistical data, brick construction costs are a bit higher than other material options. However, the upside of this option is that there is an immediate appreciation on the value of the property. Researchers indicate that there is at least a 6% appreciation on the value of the property. Construction using brick materials has a certain beauty that is not comparable to a plain stone house or a house made out of timber.  A brick house also has a higher resale value and is likely to sell faster than other types of houses. When constructing a house you need to have an idea of how much it may cost you. This requires some research skills on your part. However, it is something you are able to do by following a few pointers.

House Plan

The first thing that you will need to do is to have a house plan for the house that you want to construct for yourself. It would be a good idea to start by going round the neighborhood to see if there is a particular design that impresses you. Also, check out the Internet for available designs. Many online sites provide ready-made designs for houses made out of any material including brick. Other sources of designs include magazines, design journals, and even television shows.

Shop Around

Visit home depots to find out the cost of brick. Select two or three sources of materials to see the price differences. Also, go online and find out the general price range of brick. Besides the main structure, obtain quotations for windows, floors and roofing materials. Note this figures in a notebook and compare later to see the best prices on offer.

Quotations from Contractors

For the construction of the house, you have a choice of either being your own general contractor or hiring one. To save cost you may opt to hire subcontractors for the various specialist jobs that require to be done including plumbing, electricity, carpentry and masonry. For each specialist activity, obtain two or three quotes from reputable contractors. Remember to ask for references. However if you do not have enough time nor the expertise to supervise a number of contractors then it is advisable to hire a general contractor. Talk to a number of general contractors in your area. Ask them to provide references for houses they have constructed in your area. Talk to one or two homeowners and hear what they have to say about the contractors.

Tally the Figures

Add up the figures obtained from the hardware stores and get the total cost of materials. If you opt to hire a general contractor, add the cost to that of materials. Remember to add the cost of fixtures and fittings such as bathtubs, and lounge chairs.

To these add up the costs of the architect, building permits, financing charges, legal fees and insurance costs. To the total figure obtained, add 10% for contingency expenses. This will take care of all expenses that you may have left out.

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