Brick Fireplace Mantel Construction Tips Brick Fireplace Mantel Construction Tips

When constructing a brick fireplace mantel, there are a few tips that you should follow to make the installation process easier.

Chossing Your Material

Just because your fireplace is brick doesn’t mean that your mantel has to be. You can choose brick to create a seamless brick fireplace mantel look, but if you have your heart set on marble or wood, you can build your mantel from those materials also.

Start with an Even Surface

If there is already a mantel or ledge above your brick fireplace, make sure that it’s level before adding a mantel. If it is uneven, you can apply a thin layer of grout or mortar to level things out. Starting out with an uneven surface will make your mantel uneven.

Attach Mantel to Studs

If you are mounting your mantel to the wall, always make sure that you screw it in to studs, so that you don’t damage the drywall or the mantel.

Use Same Pattern

If you are using brick to build your brick fireplace mantel, stick with the same color brick and same pattern as the rest of the fireplace. This will help create a cohesive look.

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