Brick Fireplace Remodeling: 8 Ideas Brick Fireplace Remodeling: 8 Ideas

Most houses today have fireplaces and what better way to bring your home into the forefront than with a quick fireplace remodeling?  Not only can a remodel change the look of the overall room, but it may even add value to your home should you decide to sell.

A fireplace is much more than just an amenity that helps warm your room and look nice. It can also be the center of attention, and/or make a fashion statement.

Before you think about knocking out your fireplace or even leaving it status quo here are 8 ideas that might make you change your mind.

Add Paint

Most homeowners haven’t done much to their fireplaces and they pretty much appear the same way they did when you moved into the house. So, one quick way to remodel is to add a coat of colorful paint. Depending on if your fireplace is real brick or artificial brick, you should be able to update its look with some fresh paint. Go bold or for a color you never would have thought about 5 years ago.

Super Shelves

Adding some instant wood shelving to either side of your fireplace is a great way to add warmth to the room. Once the shelves are installed, you can place fun accessories, personal items or just books to give it a new look.

Different Mantels

To go along with the new paint job, think about replacing the old mantel piece with smoothing unique. Maybe get rid of the wood one already in place and replace it with a nice marble or stone mantel. Showrooms at home improvement or design centers have all sorts of options.

New Accessories

One sure way of adding new ambiance to your old fireplace is by adding any type of new fireplace accessory. For example, updated, and trendy screens, unusual fireplace doors and even utensils can instantly change the appearance of a dated fireplace.

Another Facade

If you are really serious and want to completely change the appearance of your yesteryear fireplace, remove its current material—be it brick or faux brick—and install new stones or a more exciting façade. Perhaps a darker, rustic stone to blend with the furnishings.

Lighting It Up

If you do not have any lighting near the fireplace already, think about installing track lighting or unusual hanging lights to showcase the fireplace that is presently in the room or for the new one you plan to introduce into the home.

Change of Hearth

A new hearth in marble, stone or any material you might like—just be sure it is fire resistant—is another way to make your fireplace go from blah to ahh.

Adding Art

If none of the above works or is feasible, you can always hang a unique piece of art on the fireplace to give it life. Maybe something metal, hand-woven or even a favorite piece of framed art can make the world of difference.

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