Brick Fireplace Remodeling: Mistakes to Avoid Brick Fireplace Remodeling: Mistakes to Avoid

If you feel that your house needs refurbishing, consider a fireplace remodeling. There are many designs to choose from and can match any décor of any room. Remodeling your fireplace will add value to your home. It will reclaim its place as the focal point of the home. However, as you plan to start the remodeling project, exercise caution to avoid the pitfalls that have befallen others in the past.

Choose Design

The first thing you need to do is choose a remodeling option. There are more designs in the market today than there were in the past. Do not jump on the first one you like. Take time to choose a design that suits your home. Go through magazines and journals and identify designs that complement the architectural design of your house. Visit home improvement stores, talk to one or two contractors, and seek information on the available designs that would fit your home settings. Avoid trying to copy your neighbors design because what they have maybe unsuitable for you.

Purpose for Remodel

Consider the reason you wish to remodel and the type of brick fireplace that you would like to have. If the purpose of remodeling is to add commercial value to your property, then also consider the value of the surrounding properties. It is advisable not to undertake a remodeling project on your fireplace if your property already commands a higher value in comparison. If you do then you will not achieve your intended objective. You may opt to remodel so that you can enjoy the warmth of the fire with your family in the evening. Choose an option you are comfortable with. Do not go for a wood fireplace if you do not enjoy chopping wood. Go for a gas fireplace.


To carry out your brick fireplace remodeling successfully, you need to have proper equipment. You need to have strong power tools to handle the job with speed and precision. For instance in remodeling a brick fireplace, you need tools such as grinders and heavy-duty cutting saws. If you lack the necessary equipment or even the expertise to handle such equipment then you should not attempt to handle the remodeling your self. In such a case, it would be more advisable to hire a contractor.

Set Up a Budget

You need to have a budget before you begin your project. Starting without one is not recommended because you are likely to start the remodeling without adequate financial preparation. Secondly, you will not be able to know how much the exercise has cost to undertake if you have no budget. A budget is necessary because it acts a control tool. It helps you to know if you have all the required material and tools to undertake the project. You will also know in advance the cost of the project, and right then decide whether to continue with it or not.

Evaluate the remodeling exercise considering what it will involve and the level of expertise required to handle the job. If it is beyond your skill level, then take up a simpler option or alternatively hire a fireplace contractor to handle the remodeling job for you. Failure to evaluate the job opens you up to the possibility of failure.

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