Brick Landscape Edging: Dos and Don'ts

When you begin your landscaping efforts, nothing is more beautiful than brick landscape edging. When you are spending the money on materials and spending a lot of time doing it yourself, there are a lot of things you can avoid to save you money and time-consuming mistakes. The following article will show you some of those mistakes and how to avoid them.

Take Your Surroundings In

Before you embark on any project of this magnitude, it is important to look around you. Do not just grab a shovel and start going forward. Take some time to look at the overall landscaping of the yard prior to renovating anything. Look at the whole of the garden not just a single section of it. Ask yourself if your idea for landscape edging will enhance the space or take away from it. Will your garden area flow more or will it be concealed?

Hitting the project head on without thinking it out can cause you to do some things you may regret later, and that will cost you more money and time.

Be a Garden Mad Scientist

The moral of this heading is to not be afraid of experimenting! There are dozens of ways you can enhance your garden, driveway or fountain areas with brick landscape edging. There is certainly no harm in combining several styles, such as a herringbone pattern with a vertical angled brick in the garden bed style. You can use bricks of different shades and sizes in your patterns.

On the same note do not go stark raving mad. Find two or three styles that appeal to you and combine them creatively. There is no need for you to overwhelm the garden space and detract from the focal point.

Keep the Yard a Yard

Landscape edging is pretty simplified as it exists to edge an area. It surrounds pools, fountains, flower beds and gas stoves among other things. Certain designs can choke out the green of the yard, so modify the designs for your area as well as to confine the edging. Having pavers and bricks can add a lot to the overall look of the yard, but remember that greenery will draw everything together.

Do Not Overwhelm Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes made by those wanting to install their own landscape edging is biting off more than they can chew. One of the greatest aspects of brick edging is that it can be easily replaced and repaired. If you have never installed brick landscape edging before then start out small. Plan out what you want to do and do not overwhelm yourself with mixing and matching of styles or design choices.