Brick Molding

door with brick molding

A brick mold is the molding used around a door or window, between the wall and the door or window itself. It fills the gap between where the door or window and the masonry or wall of the house meet. Check out some of the following information to see if brick molding is right for your project, and if so, what type.


This molding is used to close any gaps between walls and your window or door, and it can be used anywhere from your porch to your front door. While it serves its original purpose to fill any gaps, it is also often installed as a decorative touch.


Depending on the size of the door or window, the size of the brick molding used varies. A standard size is roughly 3-4 inches wide.


Soft Wood

One of the most popular materials a brick molding is made of is plain lumber. Oftentimes a soft wood is used, such as white or yellow pine.

However, over time these soft woods can be damaged by weather conditions, especially if they are not sealed or painted correctly. A brick mold can rot, leading to expensive window or door removal and repair.

If you are set on soft-wood brick molding, you can make it last longer by priming and painting all of its surfaces, including the cut ends that will not be seen.

Hardwood, PVC, and Vinyl

Hardwood, PVC, and vinyl brick-molds are also available in supply stores and are the most cost-effective materials to use in the long run. PVC and vinyl are especially low maintenance, as they are mostly impenetrable to moisture, mold, mildew, and many insects. If you already have a soft-wood molding but want to change to one of these longer-lasting versions, replacing brick molding is easy.