Brick Panels for Fireplace Renovations Brick Panels for Fireplace Renovations

Brick panels are simple solutions for fireplace renovations. They are easy to put up, and many of them look just like the real thing. If you are considering adding this design element to your fireplace, think about some of the benefits  listed below.

Easy to Install

With traditional brick or tile, you have to apply each unit individually, allow for correct spacing, grout, let everything dry, and do all kinds of time consuming tasks. With brick panels, it's just a matter of applying a bit of adhesive and screwing everything to the wall. You can cut your renovation time in half or more by option to go for paneling.

Easy to Afford

Tile and brick can both get expensive, but a simple sheet of paneling is highly affordable. You can get the same basic look for a fraction of the cost, and you save even more money on installation materials. In these tough economic times, the panels seem like the perfect solution.

Easy to Replace

If you decide that you want to replace your paneling or something goes wrong wot where you are forced to do so anyways, the tear down shouldn't bee too difficult. It is a lot easier to unscrew a wall and pull off a bit of adhesive than it is to break down an entire set of real bricks.

Easy to Paint Over

If you ever decide to paint over brick paneling, the job will be a breeze. The grout lines are fake and therefore less deep, making it easier to get paint all over. Since you didn't spend the money on real brick, you shouldn't feel bad about covering it either. That will allow you to have a full range of design options.

Easy to Clean

Since paneling is a lot like a linoleum floor may be, clean up is a breeze. Simply spray on some cleaner and wipe it off like you would a window or textured wall. It is a lot harder to stain paneling than it is real brick, so the faux option is perfect for homes with messy children (or the occasional messy adult).

Easy to Cut

If you decide that you need to put in a wall outlet or you wish to remove part of the paneling, it is very easy to cut. All it takes is a hacksaw to make the perfect cutout in the paneling. Compare this to having to drill into tile or remove brick and you'll quickly see why paneling may be a better option.

Easy to Admire

Since you don't have to worry about spacing the bricks or doing any of the tedious work for the renovation, you will find a more uniform appeal. In essence, you can guarantee that the job will look perfect without having to do the work to get it there. Just make sure that everything is level, just like regular brick would be. Use colored grout to cover up screw holes so that people don't know how you attached everything to the wall. You'll be fooling them in no time.


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