Brick Patio Fireplace Installation Brick Patio Fireplace Installation

What You'll Need
2 Reinforcing bars
Pen for tracing
Steel sheet
Wooden planks
Rubber or wooden mallet

A brick patio fireplace is a great way to enjoy the outdoors of your home. On cool evenings it a great place to get together with your loved ones over a cup of hot chocolate, brick patio fireplaces have a charm of its own. Installing your own brick patio fireplace could be a fun project over the weekend. With this set of instructions and the right tools you will be able to finish building your brick patio fireplace. Why call a professional when you can do the job yourself and save some money.

Step 1 – Choose the Location

Picking the right spot for the brick patio fireplace is crucial. The spot chosen should be free of any plants, bushes, shrubs or debris. The fireplace when installed should be in the opposite direction of the wind, or else the wind will hinder the fireplace from burning efficiently.

Step 2 – Installing the Reinforcing Bar

Dig a square hole with the sides measuring four feet; border the edges of the square with wooden planks measuring 6 inches. Now add 3 inches of cement inside the hole. Place reinforcing steel bars over the wet cement. Top it up with 3 inches of cement. Now smooth the cement surface and create a slope towards the front of the fireplace. Wait for two days for the cement to dry up.

Step 3 – Working with the Bricks

Before you start working with the bricks spray them with water and let it rest for a day. Trace the area where you will place the bricks by placing the bricks on the fireplace surface. After you removing the bricks apply a layer or mortar within the tracing. Now place the bricks on the applied mortar.

Step 4 – Building the Fireplace Walls

Now work at building the walls of the brick patio fireplace. Half inch of mortar should be spread between every layer of brick. The gaps should be covered up with mortar. Use a mallet to gently force the brick into the mortar.

Step 5 - The Top of the Fireplace

After you achieve the desired wall height it is time to place the top on the fireplace. Fix steel sheeting to the top of the brick patio fireplace and apply mortar layer on it. Place the bricks on the sheet and tap with a mallet. Do this gently as you do not want to crack the bricks.

Step 6 – Finishing

Once you have finished placing the top let the fireplace set for a day. This will ensure that the mortar is dried and the bricks are holding on strongly to each other. That’s all you need to do to build your brick patio fireplace. Now you can enjoy a nice evening out by the fireplace.

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