Brick Patio: How to Keep Weeds out of Patio Joints

This brick patio how to article is a great first step in showing you how to keep weeds out of patio joints and can teach you how to effectively clean brick patio joints. Bricks are always a nice addition to any type of patio or porches. However, keeping weeds out of a brick patio can be a lot of work. Weeds often grow on brick cracks since they are able to get the nutrients from the soil underneath. They are persistent and able to ruin any brick patio design.

Use of Commercial Weed Barrier

If you are in the process of building your brick patio, you will need to use a commercial weed barrier, which you can purchase at home improvement stores. You must make sure that your weed barrier perfectly fits your space. Lay the weed barrier on top of the soil before installing the bricks.

If your bricks are already installed, to keep the weeds off of the bricks patio, you need to kill all of the existing weeds and then destroy the weeds that are inside the cracks. There are some things that you need in order to kill all the weeds in your brick patio.

In killing weeds that have already grown inside cracks, you should use a commercial weed killer. You can purchase a weed killer at garden shops. Weed killers are specifically developed to destroy persistent weeds.

Use of Boiling Water

You can also use boiling water and pour it on the cracks of your brick patio. The hot water will burn and kill the weeds. Using boiling water to kill the weeds is practical and is somewhat effective. This can cause the weeds to die by sterilizing the soil that weeds grow from. It will take a few days before the weeds die; however, this is effective and will allow you to save time, effort and money.

Use of Vinegar

Another good way of keeping the pesky weeds out of brick patio joints is to use vinegar. Most people think that vinegars are only good for cooking. However, vinegars can also be used to destroy weeds. They tend to have the same result when you use hot water.

When you see dead weeds, always remove them using a trowel or any cleaning tool. Just make sure that all the dead weeds, as well as their roots, are removed. When all of the weeds are taken out, you can use natural herbicides. Spread the natural herbicides on all of the cracks. This will prevent new weeds from developing or growing on cracks. You may also use a bag of sand and use it to fill up the cracks.