Brick Paver Designs

If you're looking to give your home's walkway, patio, driveway or even swimming pool a fresh new look, you may want to consider looking into brick paver designs. There are a number of unique--and highly affordable--designs currently available, one or more of which is sure to satisfy the taste of even the most discerning homeowner. So if the idea of making a brick paver design a part of your home piques your interest, read on to get a feel for the four most popular types of designs.

Randomly Mixed

The randomly mixed design, as its name suggests, is a brick paver design that is made up of a variety of differently colored and shaped bricks. This design is very popular with people who own newer homes, as it gives off a distinctly modern, cutting edge feel. It is also a favorite among creative-minded individuals who want to give their paved areas an artistic look. It is important to note that this design is not recommended for older homes, as it generally doesn't mesh well with their exteriors. If you're looking for a design that exudes creativity, look no further.


The herringbone design, which is available in both 45 and 90 degree variations, is a brick paver design that is composed of small, rectangular bricks. The 45 degree herringbone design is generally used to pave larger patios, while the 90 degree design is widely used to pave swimming pools. One possible downside to this design is the fact that many newer homeowners view it as a kind of 1970s throwback, thus causing the 45 degree herringbone design to fall somewhat out of style. The 90 degree herringbone design, on the other hand, remains a very popular design with which to pave pools.


This design is also known as "the basket weave" and is made up of bricks that resemble baskets being woven. Due to giving off a distinctly classical feel, it is used almost exclusively in the paved areas of older homes. Newer homeowners are advised to avoid this design, as the parquel doesn't tend to mesh well with most modern day houses. Adding to its decline in popularity is the fact that the parquel is slightly more difficult to install than most newer designs. If you own an older house, however, you'll find that the beauty this design brings to your paved areas is well worth the installation process.

Running Bond

The running bond is the most common--and decidedly most simplistic--design on the market today. It is made up of red and brown bricks that are stacked together in a side-by-side fashion and is very easy to install. While the running bond may appear somewhat uninspired, its simplicity tends to give off a very classy feel. Furthermore, it meshes nicely with virtually any home, old or new. So if you're looking for dignified simplicity, the running bond is the design for you.

Now that you've been brought up-to-speed with the most popular types of designs, you should be able to select one that perfectly suits your home. Just remember--nothing compliments the exterior of a house like a nice brick paver design.