Brick Paver Patio Maintenance: Mistakes to Avoid

Brick paver patio maintenance is unavoidable with this type of installation, but keeping up with it ensures the surface always looks great. Like any patio, it's best to stay ahead of the maintenance rather than get stuck with a huge job after months or years of neglect. Brick is fairly easy to maintain, but you'll want to avoid the following mistakes.

Pressure Washing with Too Much Pressure

An electric or gas-fueled pressure washer is perhaps the easiest way to clean a brick patio. However, make sure you use a fan setting on the nozzle to spread the high-pressure spray evenly over a wider space. Also, don't set the pressure too high or you could damage the brick. Set it no higher than 3000 PSI.

Allowing Weeds to Grow Wild

Weeds and grass shoots will eventually start to climb up in the gaps between the bricks. Don't let this overgrowth get out of hand, or one day you may have a big weeding job ahead of you. The bigger the weeds, the thicker the roots. The older the weeks, the bigger the chance of displacing a paver when removing them.

Not Sealing the Bricks

This isn't a must, but sealing a brick paver patio will protect the fired clay from water saturation over time. You'll probably only have to do this once every few years, but it's a good thing to put on your to-do list if the patio is looking a little too "rustic".