Brick Retaining Wall Construction: Mistakes to Avoid Brick Retaining Wall Construction: Mistakes to Avoid

If you want to perform some retaining wall construction with bricks, then you should consider that there are many mistakes which are possible when building with these tools. Bricks are a very popular method of retaining wall construction, but they can be mishandled, and mistakes can lead to the wall falling down, or being unstable, neither of which are very good for retaining walls.

Poor Foundations

One of the common mistakes when creating a retaining wall construction from bricks is not digging a deep enough foundation. Although the bricks are small enough to start with, if you want to build a wall of any substance, you need a very deep trench. This trench should be layered with breeze blocks and sand, to give your bricks a very solid footing.

Unstable Construction

Another common mistake is for the bricks to be placed one on top of another, in perfectly straight lines. This is a method of retaining wall construction which only works with Lego bricks. For any real brickwork, you need to stagger your bricks so that they overlap at the edges. This will give you a stronger wall.

Excessive Weight

If the brick wall is too high, and too thin, then any earth building up on the other side of the wall can make it bulge in an unattractive fashion.

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