Brick Sidewalk Installation

Grass Cornered by Bricks
What You'll Need
3/4 inch Rock
Plate Compactor
Fine Grit Sand
Laser Pointer
Push Broom
2/4 Wood

A brick sidewalk is a nice addition to any home and adds to the beauty of the area. Laying a brick sidewalk is a job you can do in your free time. With this set of instructions and the right tools, you will be able to successfully install a beautiful brick sidewalk for your home.

Step 1 – Prepare the Area

Prepare the area you want to install the brick sidewalk in by digging a base to install the bricks. If your base is 8 inches deep it will be enough. Dig past the top soil and remove any material like roots which can cause your sidewalk to warp later. Make sure the base is free of all rocks that may be cause the sidewalk to be uneven.

Step 2 – Build a Good Foundation

To have a good foundation, pack ¾ inch rock along the path for the sidewalk, the ¾ inch rock pack includes rock dust. Spread this evenly over the length of the sidewalk about 3 inches deep. You can rent a plate compactor from a tool rental outlet; this will help you pack the foundation properly. The foundation should be solid when you walk on it and should feel like concrete.

Step 3 – Laying the Sand

Before you begin laying the sand, use the laser pointer and mark the height you want your sidewalk to be once it is done. Place a stake at each end of the sidewalk and tie a string from one to the other to mark the desired height. Now lay the sand. You can use a plate compactor to smooth out the surface.

Step 4 – Insert a Pipe

Put a pipe in the sand just under the string and mark where you want the bottom of the brick to be laid. Press it down well and spread more sand to make the sand flush with the top of the pipe. Now remove the excess sand by pulling a 2/4 piece of wood along the surface. Make sure the surface is smooth and level. Spray water gently to help the sand settle.

Step 5 – Laying the Bricks

Start laying the bricks. Alternate the bricks to go horizontally than vertically, working your way down the sidewalk. Do not drag the brick but rather, slot it against its neighbor and put it down.

Step 6 – Finishing

After you have finished laying all the bricks, spread more sand over the entire surface. Use the push broom to move the sand into the gaps and clear the excess sand away. Spray water once again to allow the sand to settle properly; this will help give the sidewalk a stronger hold and keep the bricks in place.