Brick Sidewalk vs Concrete Sidewalk in Your Yard

When you own a yard you want it to look romantic and spacious and a concrete or brick sidewalk can help you achieve these things. Deciding whether a brick sidewalk or concrete sidewalk is best for your yard is not that simple. The article that follows will help to explain the benefits and the negatives of using either a concrete or brick sidewalk.

Material and Installation Cost

The cost associated with installing a sidewalk in your yard is often determined by cost of materials. Concrete, unlike brick, is very inexpensive. Installing a brick sidewalk may also cost more than installing a concrete sidewalk, but the cost of both can be greatly reduced if you do it yourself.

Ease of Installation

Concrete is typically easier to install as you excavate the area, tamp it down, build a form and then pour the concrete. A brick sidewalk requires excavation, tamping down of the earth, adding sand, landscaper's fabric and then brick.


Concrete can be created with patterns, lines and even images. Brick can also be placed in intricate patterns but, if cut and pieced together, you can create some very stunning designs.


Concrete can be painted, but it is still plain while brick is rustic, classic and beautiful.