Brick Tile: 2 Project Ideas

Despite its name, brick tile (or subway tile) actually refers to the pattern of the tile rather the composition of the tile. By using tile that has the same dimensions as a brick face (3 x 5 inches) and laying them out in a traditional staggered pattern you can create the visual effect of a brick façade.

Brick Tile Kitchen Backsplash

This design is most commonly used in bathroom walls but can work just as well in the kitchen. Brick tile is also referred to as subway tile since this type and pattern was commonly used in subway stations around the country. Using these tiles and pattern is a great idea for a countertop back splash. Since they are found in a wide range of finishes and colors finding a compliment to your countertops won’t be a problem.

Brick Floor Tile

Brick floor tile is slightly different than wall tile in that the individual tiles are generally larger than 3 x 5 inches since it covers larger areas. But you can achieve the same design and look by using any rectangular shaped tile, regardless of the dimension. The simple look of the staggered grout joints work particularly well for hallways and entrances.

The use of brick tile is a popular choice thanks to its clean lines and simple layout.