Brick Vinyl Siding vs Brick Stone Siding Brick Vinyl Siding vs Brick Stone Siding

When considering a brick or stone exterior material for your home, your options may have been narrowed to brick vinyl siding or brick stone siding. Both of these types of siding are considered a veneer siding option, and both have their advantages over other siding materials.

Brick Vinyl Siding

Brick vinyl siding is a viable option for those wishing to achieve a brick look while saving time and money in the installation process. Brick vinyl siding is typically 1 inch thick, which gives it pliability, making it easier to install and work with then brick. The material cost and installation cost of brick vinyl siding is considerably less than that of traditional brick. The installation of brick vinyl siding requires a good deal of expertise and experience, making this material not a suggestible option for the do-it-yourself homeowner.

Brick Stone Siding

Brick stone siding is an alternative option for those desiring a stone appearance for less of the expense. Brick stone siding offers more options to the homeowner than brick vinyl siding, as it is available in a multitude of texture and color variations. Brick stone siding has a less intense and skill specific installation process, which makes it a better option for the do-it-yourself homeowner.

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