Brick Wall Construction Basics Brick Wall Construction Basics

Brick wall construction is easier with the invention of thin brick panel systems. These systems are designed to be placed on an existing wall to enable you to convert drywall into a brick wall. The systems are easy to install but are labor intensive.

Ideally, a crew of 3 can accomplish the installation of the system in a day. If you choose to go it alone, it will require 2 weekends to fully accomplish the task. Following are the required materials and steps to installation.

Tools And Materials Needed:
•Thin Brick Panels
•Mortar Scoop
•Fasteners (Wall Supports and Corner Supports)
•Safety Glasses
•Utility Knife
•Chalk Line
•Screwdriver (Flathead)
•Tin Snips
•Painter’s Bucket and Trowel (for mortar mix)

Step 1-Prepare Wall Surface

The surface, which the brick panels are to be installed, should be clean and level. Use the level to determine plumbness. This will prevent tiles for bulging or becoming dislodged later.

Snap a level chalk line to serve as a guide for installing the fasteners. The fasteners, or wall supports, are what the bricks adhere. Use the snips to trim the fasteners around and door trim or window frame (if any). Allow 1/16th of an inch spacing or any movement or settling that will eventually take place.

Step 2-Affix Bricks to Fasteners

Place the thin bricks in place by putting a dab of adhesive on the tiles and sliding them firmly into place. You can stagger install accents or change directions in order to create a decorative style for the wall.

Step 3-Apply Mortar

After completing installation of the thin bricks, allow some time for the adhesive to set. Prepare the mortar mix in the painter’s bucket and once ready, pour into the mortar scoop. Apply the mortar using either a trowel or a mortar bag into the channels between the bricks.

Step 4-Remove Excess Mortar

When the mortar reaches a sandy grit consistency, strike to remove the excess mortar. Use the brush to clean the bricks and remove any remaining loose mortar.

Step 5-Clean Bricks

Clean the bricks with water and allow to dry overnight. Wipe the wall after 24 hours with water and use a clean bristle brush to ensure all loose mortar has been removed. The wall should not be clean and presentable.

Be sure to follow any specific additional instructions provided by the manufacturer for the brick system. Also, be sure that the bricks remain in alignment when affixing to the fasteners, using the level as a guide.

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